Missing item and GMs

so I got my amulat to level 20 but did not get the item to fuse it so that I could get it upgraded and there seem to be no GMs to help in game.

Hello! Game Masters help as they are able! They are a rather busy bunch, so you may not be able to receive immediate help, but they still answer petitions as they can!

Perhaps we can get some clarification in the mean time.

Was this amulet your first Talisman to hit level 20? If so, then you should have received a “Well-Used Medallion”. If you leveled a different Talisman up to 20 before now then you wouldn’t receive another Well-Used talisman for fusion, as it’s a one-time experience.

Try to search the entirety of your Inventory and Upgrade Window if you haven’t yet done so, and be sure you have a free inventory slot. If your inventory was full then the Well-Used Medallion might just pop up in there when you next log in!


it was the second

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As Vomher said, getting a free item for fusion is something that doesn’t happen every time. You only get a free item for your first talisman and your first weapon to hit level 20 green. After that it’s up to you to level your own fusion items. You’ll have to level talismans and weapons of the same type (not necessarily identical) to level 20 green, level 25 blue, level 30 purple and level 35 yellow respectively to fuse. Glyphs and signets only go up to level 20 for each color.


thanks, now I know