Missing items artisan table

I’m on Ps4, just got the 2 year dlc
Went to craft tavern stuff in the artisan table and it says that I need “ale kegs”
But ale kegs are nowhere to be found?
Can’t craft ale kegs
What am I doing wrong, or is this a glitch

Do you have the brewing feat?

2021-08-25 14_34_45-Window


No :joy::joy:
I’m level 36
My bad, thank you very much!


JJ got you squared away, getting familiar with the search function in the feats tab will make your experience much smoother. There are still things I find myself questioning which feat they’re tied to


In fairness (unless they changed it) search is not easy (or even possible, been awhile since I played the ps4 version) on ps4.

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