Missing Legacy Titles

One thing I found myself missing after the transfer was my Illuminaughty title, as titles didn’t transfer with the clothing and whatnot. When I asked about it in a ticket I was sent here to discuss it by GM Yowie.

So are there any other missing titles in Secret World Legends other than Illuminaughty that others would like to get back?



I was always ‘the Silver-Tongued’ on TSW, but see now that it hasn’t been transferred.

Here’s a list of titles on crygaia.

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Titles, like weapon skins, were never transferred from TSW to SWL.

Apart from clothing, here’s a rundown on how other cosmetic items work with the Legacy Transfer system:

  • All pets you currently own in your Pet Window copy over, with the exception of pets awarded from the Museum of the Occult, as well as the Guardians of Gaia “Shem” pets.
  • All Sprint Styles and Mounts you currently own in your Sprint Window copy over, with the exception of the Franken-Chopper. Current owners of the Franken-Chopper instead receive the new “Speed Demon” bike in Secret World Legends. The Franken-Chopper is now a reward from a mission obtained from Moose at Level 50.
  • Achievements you earned in TSW do not copy over, although any clothing rewards you earned for completing those achievements do copy over.
  • Titles are not a part of the Legacy Transfer system and do not copy over to Secret World Legends.

Although not ‘transferred’, some titles are re-obtainable in SWL via achievements / purchases etc. I suspect this is what the OP means by ‘get back’. The Agarthan vendor Jane Dagover has a bunch of them for sale, although i’m not particularly fond of any these. incidentally those vendors could do with some new stock. ‘Stonehenge Keeper’ could be more relevant now with Occult Defence in Scenarios.
I do like ‘Harbinger of Nameless Days’.

People are misunderstanding the OP.

The problem is that Illuminaughty is totally unobtainable in SWL.

I liked this title too, and don’t understand why it was removed ?

The only explanation I can think of, is the mild suggestive nature of the title, but then something like the mankini is a lot more suggestive.