Missing legendary weapon

Have they remove the riptide legendary weapon from the game


Riptide is a weapon that drops from bosses in the unnamed city.

That but I can never seem to get it in farming for over a week almost two

I think the demon bat drops it the most. It may only drop from the demon bat. I know your pain been looking for the Black Tusk shield to finish my collection.

someone looted it from a regular large chest in NA, the shield i mean

That’s interesting. Wiki says it’s an unnamed city drop. I’ll check NA a couple times see what I see.

Find a specific legendary weapon from Unnamed City could take even a months or more, they are rare because a large number of them can be drop only by that bosses.

For example I found (and sadly lost) a Sword of Crom in my very first run of Unnamed City, found a second only one after 160 boss fights.

Enjoy ^^

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just got the shield from the 2h sword skele boss :grinning:

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Thanks! I had it drop Friday night finally from the hammer skele.

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