Missing my gear!

I bought pvp starter pack 3 days ago, have not yet seen my gear either in inventory, claims or post at trader, nada zero!
I`ve tried to rebuy it but get a message congrats ul already bought one of this item etc…
U dont respond to twitter help, ingame petitions, emails to support nothing!!!?
Give me my gear that I payed for…
Ingame name is Uunsain

You won’t get help here on the forums. You’ll have to wait for a response to your petition in game or email support.

Yea kinda know, but gripping everything I got, they wont respond to like 15 petitions for 3 days now…twitter, email, petitions, tried it all?! and keep playing with my trash gear…frustrated

Was your inventory full when you bought it?

Hey there Unsain, sorry for the trouble. Please log in and check your petition at your convenience and you should find the issue has been resolved.