Missing server options

I seem to be missing a lot of server options that use to be listed under Menue > Settings > Server Settings…

Player Health Multiplier
Player Stamina Multiplier
Player Health Regen Speed Scale
Player Stamina Regen Speed Scale
Player Offline Hunger Multiplier
Logged out characters remain in the world
NPC Health Multiplier
Shield Durability Multiplier
Land Claim Radius Multiplier
Structure Health Multiplier
Player Encumbrance Multiplier
Player Encumbrance Penalty Multiplier

Is this a glitch or have these options been removed?
If it is a glitch is there an ETA on when it will be fixed?
If they were removed. Why?

I would really like to know, I am wanting to totally customize the server I am running with the Single Player / Coop and on a dedicated server once I buy one.