Missing story items (Warning: Spoilers) Update; Solved 25-06-2018


Want to mention the following.

  1. The Spider (Bug) Queen does not give the Broken Scourgestone Piece or any other item, not after defeat, not after skinning. (Also none of the spiders in the cave, including the Spider Queen move and/or attack, and/or fight back).
  2. The Crocodile boss in the Brimstone Cave does not give the Jagged Scourgestone Piece or any other item, not after defeat, not after skinning.
  3. The Barrow King does not give the Diadem of the Giant Kings, not after defeat, not after skinning. Does give other items when skinning.
  4. Skinning the Kingscourge gives the ‘Heart of the Kingscourge’ instead of the ‘Tear of Two Races’. Gives other items after defeat.
  5. The Undead Dragon does not give the Star of the Champion, not after defeat, not after skinning. Gives other items when skinning.

You can keep skinning until the knife breaks, the blood effect is there, the sound effect is there but the dead bodies do not disappear. I am playing on single player.

These issues occur with and without mods enabled.

Thank you.


As it turned out, two mods, and maybe a third one were causing the game to give different items from various monsters.
These mods provide custom weapons that, which each strike, give the items that you would normally receive when ‘skinning’ that particular monster.

When subscripted to these mods, it alters the sort of items being spawned by certain monsters, including the boss monsters that give the story items that you need to complete the game. In other words, you cannot complete the game as long you are subscripted to these mods.

When I found out about this, (purely by coincidence), I un-subscripted from these mods, went after the boss monsters again, and received each story item correctly.

Neither of the mods mention anything about different items being spawned, so one can assume that the creators of the mods are unaware of this.

This is why I would like to suggest a fix that ensures that the story items always spawn, despite what mod is enabled since you need them to complete the game.

What build are you on? Press Escape while in game and you can see it there.

What do you mean with build?

Version of the game.