Missing stuff on PS4 official server

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So, just logged in server 3052. I’m at level 60 with many stuff unlocked… But it seems that I can’t even find black ice stuff, animal masks and all that dlc stuff related to them… It’s weird. No, I didn’t drink anything, before you ask… There are things missing in the character building menu.

Sry i am asking this and please take no offense. Is your question- why i cannot see my black ice build options- (did you unlock on your feats tier 3 constructions?)
Is your question - why i cannot fix epic dlc armors- (did you unlock on your feats epic armors, so you will fix improved armorers bench?)
Is your question - why i cannot see my dlc animal skins-(did you unlock on your feats the animal pen?)
I am really sorry if i sound offensive, not my intention at all. If you did all the above then it’s really weard, but if you didn’t it’s logical.

Hi @Densetsu_No_B, as stelagel has mentioned, have you confirmed if you have the required feats unlocked for the items that you want to craft?

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