Missing Thralls in the new Biome

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first of all…sry about my bad english, it´s not my Mothertongue, but i hope you understand. :slight_smile:

I build up my Base in the eastern Region of the new Biome (Dagon´s Claw).

After few Days of Building, i look for some interessting Spot to hunt some Thralls. I searched in the Bukaneers Bay and in the Region of the Derketopriest Yakira.

In this 2 Regions i found some Thralls, but i dont find what im looking for. Smith´s , Smelters, Tanners, Priests of all Religion´s…only Archers and Meleefighter, some of them are Legendary, some T1-2 Cooks, 1-2 Taskmaster and T1 Alchemist´s, but no Smelter´s, Smith´s etc.

Did Funcom forget these Thralls in the new Area? Like some of the Ressource´s? Coal, Brimstone ( i dont talk about these little Brimstonespot´s under Water)

At the Moment i feel like i Play a Fullversion of an Early Access Titel. This is not a full Game, the new Biome look´s nice, but come on…


The new biome is huge but empty. No good thralls, one dungeon which is not a dungeon but more or less a one room cave… no good loot. Almost no coal and iron could be more too. The jungle is pretty but if you want a really big and good base there, you need to carry the thralls and coal from far far away.

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The highlands and spooky forest are both also very empty. Everything but the desert, really.

This is not a full Version of a Game, only a better Testingarea/early Access based Game for the Players.
Bugs over Month not fixed. Empty Biome´s etc. Good looking, but empty and useless.

This is annoying Funcom. You destroyed Age of Conan with all the Bugs, no new Content etc. In CE you are go the same Way.

Highands are not empty. Full of camps there with many worker thralls.
Not many animals, though. There is also a sort of “Ent” boss.
It’s a nice place to explore and to create a base, not all resources are present, but in every land something is missing (desert trees does not have resin, i.e.).

Yeah I know about the camps. But you can cover huge distances and not see anything of note. This is what I meant by empty.
It is a nice place to build. :slight_smile:

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