Missing Voidforge weapons after death

After the Age of War Chapter 3 update I’ve had a recurring glitch on my character’s death: when I recover my inventory from the corpse I regain everything EXCEPT my Voidforge gladius & Voidforge bow. This has happened 3 times now, whether I die in combat or a fall. Since I always carry both those weapons, having to remake them constantly is frustrating.


I’ve been hearing others mention this bug. I have some Siptah weapons and gear I brought over to EL during transfers. I can’t replace some of them since I don’t have a few recipes. I don’t typically use recall corpse indiscriminately, so I strongly recommend that if you can get to your body, do it. Don’t rely on recall corpse for everything. That’s how you can potentially get burned. Only recall on the most dire of situations.

This bug seems to make the voidforge weapon dissappear without a trace instant on death, I had a voidforge sword on my thrall on exile land and the thrall was killed in the new raid castle, went to the corpse after killing the mob and got back everything else but the sword, also the the dissappearence of the sword was not on the event log. So suggest on not using the voidforge weapons at all untill hotfix.

I can confirm that both weapons despawn at death. I had read this so instead of calling my body I went and got it. Both were gone. This is on an official server.

On our server we call it “The Case of the Disappearing Weapons”.
The only way to avoid it is to keep weapons out of slot 1, and maybe slot 2 also.
I now keep potions and such there until the bug is fixed.

O… and it’s not just happening with VoidForged weapons; it can and does happen with any weapon.

So it also happens if you die and collect your body. I heard it was only when you recall your body. Lame. Seems like it’s only affecting voidforge I guess, since I haven’t lost my siptah vault weapons.

I never said anything about “recall” body, I’m recovering my inventory from my corpse when I’ve returned to that location.

Interesting point. Up til now I’ve always used slot 1 & 2 (12 & 1 o clock on the dial) so now I’ll put potions & food there instead. Thank you :pray:t3:
I’ll report back to confirm

Yes, i understand that. I’m saying that others have reported this issue after recalling their corpse. So I’m saying that it appears to be on normal death and looting your corpse as well. That sucks.

Well, I was away for a week but now that I’m back in Siptah I can confirm that the disappearing Voidforge weapons (bow & gladius) ONLY AFFECTS VOIDFORGE weapons in ANY SLOT on your radius.
To clarify: I put my Voidforge weapons in slots other than the 1 & 2 o’clock positions as suggested: those weapons still disappear on death & collecting my inventory from corpse. Other items placed at 1 & 2 o’clock do NOT disappear.

I certainly hope there’s a patch for this annoyance soon.

Voidforge disappear on death no matter what slot; other items at 1 & 2 o’clock do not disappear… if only it had been that simple :wink:

have noticed this as well on official siptah 6111. lost several voidforge weapons on death. nothing in the event log, they are just gone.

Sounds like typical “can’t think 2 steps ahead” Funkhram programming. With the increase in “NPCs drop items they are wearing/wielding” they set a lot of weapons as no-drop. They probably set that flag on Voidforge weapons. And no-drop probably applies to PCs dying as well as NPCs. So you die, you have no-drop weapons, they get removed from the drop list and disappear forever.

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