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***bought the game on Xbox one but for some reason I can only download the ‘Free Nudity DLC’ but not the actual game? Any help?

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Me too, I contacted a Xbox support member and they said it’s a known issue so I’m guessing we just sit tight and wait? Really a shame as not great paying £41.99 for a game and not even being able to download and play it.

Wow, that’s super weird! If you could help me clarify some things that should help me track down the error:

Which region are you guys in?
After you’ve purchased the game on the Xbox Store, what happens?
Are you getting any sort of error message when you try to download the game?

I’m in the UK. When I bought the game I didn’t get the usual “Conan exiles is now installing”, I then went to see if I needed to remove memory but I have 100gb free. Whenever I return to the store page of Conan on the marketplace it just give me the options of “buy as a gift” and “manage” , the manage option takes me to the screen in which you install dlc or uninstall the game but it has no info and 0gb ready to install with no button to install. I can only install the dlc.The game also doesn’t appear in my “ready to install” tab but does say I own it on the marketplace.

Exact same situation here, i just spent an hour on xbox support trying to fix it, they were very helpful and tried everything but nothing fixed it, annoying because i played it in game preview when i file shared with a friend of mine, saw it wasn’t in preview anymore so i was looking forward to playing when i got home from work