Mission problems

I am stuck on the mission Appetite for Destruction. I am on the final tier down in the sewers but nothing happens. I pick up the arsenal my character is given new abilities. But there the spot were you turn on the detonation timer is no longer there. I set the IUDs and try to remote detonate them all in a dry spot but nothing happens no zombies start coming. Haven’t been able to complete this since the Legends came out. I use to do this mission all the time but it’s changed and now it doesn’t seem to work.

Put down the charges then go back towards the entrance. I think that’s what starts it now.

Sorry to hear you’re stuck on Appetite for Destruction - is it possible you’re experiencing the “blank mission task” issue?

If so, submitting an in-game petition (/petition) will allow a Game Master to bypass the problem for you. I’m sorry for the trouble!