Mission won´t progress

I save Magnus and got the cutscene. Have been playing with magnus for some time but now, hes still stuck on the wall where I saved him and the mission stops there, even though hes in my roster. If I go there again nothing happens.

It sounds like your save might be bugged beyond repair. Luckily that’s not far into the run so you might be best to just restart?

Unless there is a way to edit your save and manually tell the save you have completed that section.

No reply from the tech guys, love the game but I have moved on, had planned on finishing the game a 2nd time. Playing xcom now, seems much more material to go through there anyway.

Sorry you had to go man, but Xcom is a good game! I would highly suggest Xcom 2 with the War of the Chosen DLC if you haven’t gotten it.

Its xcom 2, not war of the chosen though, might pick that up if I finish the base game

Oh you should, it takes what I feel is the weaker of the rebooted Xcom series (mostly based on the horrible stealth timers) and turns it into a brutal game of cat and mouse with crazy dangerous bosses that will hunt you down, and the first time you meet one let me tell you, it’ll leave an impact.

Edit: If you meet them outside of the DLC starter mission, which is just based on RNG whether it’ll be easy or the Chosen will turn you inside out.

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