Missions for Thralls

With the ability to level thralls now and how end game resource gathering gets to be a wee bit boring, would it be possible to create a Thrall Mission board where thralls could be sent out on resource gathering missions? Resources and exp could be created from this and allow for players to continue doing their “own thing” while some thralls go out and gain exp as well as pick up stone, ore, wood, or plant fibers. I am not thinking of this as being a “10k Lumber” run, or something that after running 3-4 times your thrall is level 20. 500-1k resources as a reward, 20k-50k exp gained, and something like food or coin be used as a cost for running the missions.

itd be a cool pve end game kinda thing, they prolly got mods for that on pc, im jelly.

No minecraft perpetual farms please. Players should do the chores, and get ganked by other players while doing it and get looted of all their belonging.

This would be for us individuals that enjoy the pve stand point of the game and not the pvp side. I really enjoying logging in, farming different areas and such, but sometimes while I want to focus on obtaining named thralls or going into dungeons I might not have the time to go and gather resources to continue expanding my base out. This would just be a convenient option to utilize thrall’s time to gather the materials.

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