Mistake or intended? Two 'Small Crate' containers; was one meant to be Medium?

Examination of the data table “ItemTable” reveals the following:

80208 Small Crate, Weight=5.0 ItemTier=1 RepairXP=2400 ItemContainerSize=20
80209 Small Crate, Weight=5.0 ItemTier=2 RepairXP=4800 ItemContainerSize=20
80212 Large Crate, Weight=10.0 ItemTier=3 RepairXP=7200 ItemContainerSize=50

Based on these statistics, it looks like at one time one of the small crates was intended to be a Medium Crate, perhaps with a storage size somewhere in the middle between Small and Large (30 or 35)?

If a Medium Crate was intended and might be adjusted later, do note that the Small Crate at 80208 is actually the crate with the larger mesh and icon assigned, so despite the seemingly higher values on 80209, that one should probably remain the Small Crate (to avoid mesh changes to these crates in existing games) and the medium values should be swapped/assigned to 80208.

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Thanks for the observation @Daedalon. We’ll poke our team to see if this is intended.

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