Mitra Stature of refreshment can't be placed near shrine


Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [NA]

Not sure if this is working as attended, but I’d think not. Crafted Statue of refreshment in Mitra shrine. Went to go place on opposite wall of structure and I get a building placement error stating " Too close to another object of the same type" It thinks this Well is a shrine…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. crafted “stature of refreshment” in Mitra shrine
  2. try to place near Shrine
  3. get error code stating its to close to similar object

Same error near any Shrine.


are you using 100% vanilla or modded game?


It happens on vanilla game as well. this statue is simply considered as a religious placeble and therefore cannot be placed too close to other religious placebles.
i admit it annoyed me several times, but i got it placed eventually.


Confirm this on latest Testlive Build!
I cannot confirm, but I like to remember to have this issue with other placeable of diffrent relegions, too. Will test it. Is this behavior intended?


So, I haven’t verified with YOG or Ymir, however Set’s braziers and snake idol can be placed right on the shrine. Mitra’s Statue of Guidance can be placed beside the shrine. I know prior to the massive patch YOG’s and Ymir’s decor piece could be placed near by. I have a picture of the fountain being near my old Mitra shine, but I don’t know if the placement change effected it or if this is new issue

Picture is from Pre DLC Khitan

Its under the AoC tree…


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