Mitraen clothes made at the shrine.(Idea)

I keep a set of light base armor with encumbrance bonus on a fashionist stand I switch out to
to harvest.

Idea: Mitraen clothes are made at the shrine and has a grit bonus each piece. No one that plays the game really utilizes this hardly outside some roleplay on occasion.

Mitra new stats:

  • to encumberance for each piece.
    Optional: While wearing the Mitraen clothes and carrying no weapon your harvest is as well
    raised when only carrying tools.

If the yield is really good it would draw ones to utilize it as well be without weapons and workers for Mitra and generate some clothe ones out harvesting.

Things that run counter productive to this.
restating to max encumberance to farm unlimited resources but only affects in end game and
not impact game play at low level/low resource ability.

encomberance on armor closely nitted to light vs mitrean armor.

There is a list of factors entwine that has to be taken into consideration to make it viable and building
the altar viable. I injection of these at the 1 altar stage would induce more of a cause in that the swapping at lower ranks.

Do not extreme x4 and mad dash to endgame exps which is popular does destroy this, but if the intent is to breath life into long progress experience. this would be 1 step in a multitude to inner twine to garnish a different over summation of gameplay.