Mitraen Magic available to Priests of Mitra (RP)

will magic/sorcery be avaible to those who RP as a Mitaen priest, possibly simialar to the spells in AoC?

That’ll probably be something to take up with the owner and moderation team on the RP server you play on. Officially I doubt there’ll be any restrictions once we do get sorcery, since we can currently take all the gods with no repercussions. Lore wise, no.

The religion you choose when you make a character grants a free feat. A feat that normally costs 50 feat points or a visit to a teacher. That is all the religion is, a set of feats that grant ability to make things. Its no different than learning Dragonbone weapons or Black Ice in mechanics.

With that said, yes, any sorcery system added to the game will be available to anyone who does the effort to learn it. Alongside any religion(s) they picked up.

As far as what you saw in Age of Conan, the spells in Conan Exiles will likely not be the same. It will likely be buffs, curses, and weather effects. Maybe some temporary ‘thrall’ like NPCs that can be summoned (undead or demon).

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