Mitra's Blessing [Vanilla](PVE-C) [Raid/Pvp windows]

Mitra’s Blessing is open (again).
Fully Vanilla (no slider changes)
Raid/Pvp window 8pm-8am daily
Ran from my personal secondary computer. Literally right next to me at all times. So it will have an active Admin.
Gigabit upstream, so it should get really good ping for you guys.
24/7 online
Discord- Mitra's Blessing (still working on everything for it)

Basically this is for those of us who love the vanilla gameplay of conan, but really want more community and active admins. The whole scope of the game changes when ticket resolution is at 100% for player complaints. No more land grabs. No more cheaters. No more meshers.

Come join us. Help us make this into something amazing.