Miy's Armor Cloaks dropping from borgs

I’m not sure if this came with the last patch or before it already, but since this week I’ve been looting Miy’s Armor Cloaks from borgs and drills. I’ve found about 8 so far and they seem to be about equally common as other Miy’s pieces.
I found Ql150-230ish on PW borgs, Ql60-120ish on Avalon borgs and Ql120-200ish on Belial Forest drills.

I didn’t try Medusas, Anvians or Mantises yet, but maybe they drop them too now? Did anyone else find any? I like this change :blush:

I found my first Miy’s cloak on a mission borg (lvl ~140-150) 3 days ago

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I found one from one of the mini bosses at Primus camp

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