Mnemonic fragments

If you loot or see a mnemonic fragment in Inner Sanctum, will you post a reply here saying so? I am trying to find out if anyone loots any from August 20 and later. I have not seen any in the third room of IS in several days. A long string of dead Inobaks and Dominuses have been checked. Let’s find out if they took mnemonic fragments out of the game.

I’m not sure how much you’ve camped, but I think I wouldn’t rule out bad luck yet. The drop rate is pretty bad. I usually camp a set of 5 or 6 for every character, and in my experience the drop rate is about 5% on Jiannu, Gelid, Ummoh and Facut and a bit higher on Hezak (maybe 10%).

While it’s not impossible they changed it, there’s no mention of it in recent patch notes and there haven’t been in any changes related to IS loot since 2010 when they introduced the sauna building for player cities.

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I looted one today, August 22. It was after the patch too. It’s settled. Mnemonic fragments are still in there.

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