Moar questions of a possibly new player

Hi,i made few questions some hours ago. Now i have some more. I read that Ymir is a selectable race in this game,i prefer it over Mitra,but i read in the wiki that is only selectable in the frozen north expansion. So the question is,this expansion is included in the main game now?

Another question related to zingarian race. I tend to identify with my chars,because i am a half blood gypsy but i am not brown skinned like the major of my race in the south of my country, so the question is, the zingarians in Conan exiles can be white skinned? Or they tend to be brown skinned?

Finally a question about weapons and Ymir. The first grade of following Ymir gave you access to ice arrows,good for bows. So my question is,it is viable the bow combat right now?

Yes. And he’s a selectable religion, not a race you can play as. You can have all religions unlocked on a single character. You’re not tied to the one you start with.

You can choose whatever color you wish.

No. All ranged combat is terrible. There are dozens of threads on here about archery you can check out.

Ok so going with bow is wrong. About two handed,can i block attacks with a two handed weapon? Or i need a shield for that?

You must use a shield to block. If you go two-handed, be prepared to dodge more.
I carry both.

My main weapons are axe + shield and I carry a spear for certain things.

Ok thanks. So i will carry a medium armor and two handed weapon like a barb of age of Conan. Well barbs use light,rangers medium. For me is the same.

Sounds good.

I used medium armor for most of the game myself. I started wearing a heavy set just because I like the appearance of Heavy Vanir.

My wife loves making albino ginger khitan’s that worship Yog. Try to imagine an albino ginger asian eating people, and that’s more or less what she makes. You’ll be good with the character you want to make. :slight_smile:

How did she get such pale skin? I wanted to be albino but the lightest skin still looks tanned a bit.

I’m sure you both use the same skin color, since it’s the lightest shade available. Since she’s in the exiled lands, we just pretend her albino booty got the closest thing she could have to a tan. lol

Haha. I live up north and want to be camouflaged by the snow.

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