Mob no attacking

Game mode: [Online | MultiPlayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: Eu


I have a dedicated server and since the patch Mother of all patches. Mobs on my server don’t attack, he’s attack only if i attack.
I have reboot my server, some mob attack randomly
then they do not attack anymore. Mobs is full passive

Other people dating get problem? did you have a solution?

Thanks for you answers

Sorry, for my bad english

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Since Mother of all patches
  2. Position yourself in front of the mob
  3. The mob no attacking
  4. Attack the mob and the mob attack you


The thing is that it is the same on official servers, mobs attack only when the server is low (less than 20 person online)

This might be a performance issue… Take a look at your server fps/ tick rate.
Use this command in the console in game: ToggleDebugHUD

Try to adjust the server fps/tick rate. You can use this setting for it in the Engine.ini:


Normal it’s set to 30 fps/tick max.
More info in this post:

It could also have something to do with your bandwidth settings, if they are set to low then the npc’s cant interact with players.

This is the guide for the server settings:

I created a guide for the client here:

Please note that if you set the wrong settings and your connection cannot handle it. Then the server might run really bad and choke your connection.

I hope this helps you guys :smiley:


Well I do not know how valid this is, I have to stop in the mouth of the mob and do nothing, when I can hardly see it and it hurts me. I’ve got to stop by a mob, and you’re farther away, it’s a dumb AI!

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The Ai is not great i do agree with that, i just hope they take the time to improve it at some point :slight_smile:

However, it just sounded like it was not the Ai it self that was the issue. In this situation that is…