Mobs, Pets/Thralls, KI

  • some bosses cant be hit with bow on some body parts such as black yeti, dragoons.
  • pets still stuck in ground sometimes
  • you can get stuck in mobs (mostly big ones) such as dragon
  • pet/thrall KI sometimes stops fighting and does nothing after a while
  • pet/thrall KI pathing could be still much smoother.
  • some games, if you minimize or when window lost focus it stop using a lot of ressources (cpu,gpu) is this possible for Conan Exiles?
  • pet/thrall KI could move to the side/a bit away when you want to move through him
    because sometimes they blocking the way you want to go. mostly in buildings.
  • bow headshots should have other hit markers.
  • Spiders still Change style when they are dead and you move out and back in.
  • Same with animations. Some Mobs Play dead Animation again, some are just Standing after move out and in again.
  • It would be nice if you can give thralls commands like attack this one,
    dont attack other players and so on.

I want to reply to two things, both being better off when posted on the Suggestions subform in the future :wink:

I asked Blue (DevKit dev):

that’s an unreal thing. Conan does what most unreal games do when they get minimized
which is generally use a lot less GPU but roughly the same amount of other resources
like, the game doesn’t PAUSE when it’s tabbed out so it has to keep processing game stuff at the same rate

Improved commands for thralls and pets are/were planned, but it will likely not be this specific. It’s not a strategy/rpg/point and click game and people move around in 3rd unless arena rules - or I misunderstand of course!

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@TheLOLxd2, I really like/support @Exkar’s suggestion, although that level of control seems very difficult to implement.

The one thing I would really appreciate is a command like …
Just stand there, dummy

I appreciate the help with bosses and multiple mobs, but get no XP if a pet is involved. Often if in a situation I can handle (or have a moderate chance) I have to backup a fair distance and tell the pet to stay.

I got used to the pet or thrall chasing off to some other target I had no intention of engaging, leaving me with sometimes a triple-spawn in Sepermeru and found that line of sight is involved, not proximity.

Regardless, the last major update fixed most of the door blocking and some other things, for which I am grateful.



I think some levels of control could be very fine, like passive settings.
This would allow other player to enter an area, base without having to lock your thralls and pets away. Or simply chose the specific moment they should fight, and when not.

Maybe a range-settings would be fine, how easy it’s to implement or not, no clue.

After, let’s keep in mind, that thralls and pets are still AI’s, followers, and they still will rush at a given point, and run to theyr dead often. We would need to implement them a brain to avoid that, and even then, not sure it’s still working. Look at some players ! :smiling_imp:

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