Mobs running away to cast buffs


This is most noticeable in scenarios (when you’re trying to hit mobs with aoe it’s kind of obnoxious) but I’ve seen it happen with the compromised Orochi cyborgs in Kaidan too. Basically, when casting a buff on themselves mobs will sometimes (not always) run far away from the player, cast the buff and then run back. It’s kind of weird behaviour anyway but when melee mobs do it, the buff is usually expired by the time they get back into range. :v:

Video of it happening:

You can see one mob in the middle of doing this at the start of the video and two more do it towards the end.


Yeah this is sooo annoying, and makes it harder if you already behind on the killing. Please fix Funcom :slight_smile:


I have also seen this behavior recently (last week), but I was not in a scenario. - weird


Having the name of the ability that gets cast would be very helpful (that kinda looks like they’re casting their sea legs ability, but can’t read the name in the video). Chances are this is something that happens on an ability-by-ability basis.

Will make a note to look into this when time allows. Thanks for the report!


One mob that does this in particular that’s really annoying is Claret Nagahami, casting Approach the Flame. It ddoesn’t always do it, but sometimes it will wander far away from Azure Nagahame and cast it, so that both bubbles are overlapping in a really dangerous way. (It’s possible it’s another cast, like Enshroud, but ends up casting Approach the Flame all the way over there too.)

Eblis does this sometimes when casting Rot Iron.


Cheers, I’ll try and take notes of the abilities that this happens with but it’s a bit tricky without chasing after them :v:

Edit: I still had the source video which hadn’t been stepped on by youtube - they’re casting “Blood in the Water”


Same bug was in TSW , reported on test live forum and never fixed…


The ak’ab in the mansion do it while casting “Moulting”. I’ll keep adding new ability names as I spot them.

Edit: also the Orochi Melee Pacification Effigies near “Anima Leap: The Wall” do this when casting “Overclock”, though it seems more likely to happen with the ones on the north side of the wall.


Effigy Z55 Draug often runs away to cast Vengeance.


Vampire effigies (both swarm ones and singles): Thirst for Blood


Eblis also very rarely does this when casting the sideways light pillars (can’t remember the attack name) in the final phase. Goes all the way out of the dome and casts it there, then comes back inside.

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