(MOD) A Map-Room... that fits on a shelf

Here’s a bit of a different one :smiley:

Cover your eyes…

Yes… that’s a maproom shelf… a map-shelf… a…
I’m sure there’s some room on there for some scented candles…



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I’ll be honest: I both love it and hate it :laughing:


Same lol
I put a tiny bit of thought into it thou so it’s not completely making the map-room redundant :slight_smile:

Basically it’s learned under the same feat so Cartographer from the unnamed city…
but the recipe involves 10 Pearls… so you have to do Sunken city first. This way you’d still wanna use the big one in large open areas as it’s cheaper and maybe put this small one in your house :slight_smile:

Displayed like this, they remind me of the stones in the Fifth Element.

Here’s a quick demo :slight_smile:

It works just fine.
As for the names above the stones, is might be an idea to work on a second version, in which they are replaced by small pictures instead (volcano for volcano, etc.).
Not everyone has their game set in English, the names of places might differ.

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It will show in English regardless of what they have it set since those were typed up by me :stuck_out_tongue: and I didn’t include localization.

Reminds me of portkeys from Harry Potter. Which would be an interesting spell. Making one placeable a teleporter to one attuned obelist.

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Well… that’s would’ve been easier :joy: You say that now… after I already made an aiming system so you can hover over different parts of the same station :smiley:

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Very nifty! Always wondered why they just didn’t have you build your own mini-obelisk, rather than a gigantic map room. “The gooder it is the huger it must be!” seems to be a real design philosophy of theirs.

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In this case though the size of the original actually plays an important role.

It uses sphere overlaps around the pillars to determine where you want to go. So each pillar around the maproom has an invisible field around it, if you walk into it, then that destination is set as the active one and the corresponding visual / sound effects engage on the map room :slight_smile:

That’s why I had to come up with a different solution, since that would no longer work in a confined space like this, so I made an aiming system instead to display the label and audio / visual effects.

They were called Giant-Kings for a reason.

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I wish consoles had mods think this is great, very nice work @Xevyr :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d be happy with a Map Room … that fits in a room xD

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