Mod Creation - Fence Foundation Override

As many are aware, Fence Foundations are being altered this coming Tuesday (June 18th). You can read more about that announcement here.

I know that many players across the spectrum are concerned with what this means for their existing buildings. And I don’t know exactly what could happen post June 18th (other then I would expect some buildings to collapse, depending on their configurations that utilize Fence Foundations). But I do know that I have the modding dedication to do something about it so that concerned players who mod their games have that choice.

Since I love building, and have thousands upon thousands of past and present mod users who I know love the flexibility that my various Less Building Placement Restrictions Mods bring, I decided to launch a mod that maintains the Fence Foundations exactly as they are. It’s a pretty straightforward mod, I didn’t do anything special. But it will keep your buildings just the way they are, and allow you to continue using Fence Foundations as if nothing had changed. Testing wise, I did test this on testlive (in fact the screenshots on the workshop page were taken with the testlive client), as well as I had other players do a test run through using their own server and single player saves (thanks peeps!)

But, and as I’ve outlined on the workshop page, caution is advised. There are behaviors that evil players have taken advantage of because of the building flexibility of Fence Foundations offered. You should only use the mod if you are playing with trusted friends or vetted server users. Please read the descriptions on the mod page carefully that I have provided to see if this mod is “right for you.”

With that, here’s the link to the mod page, and happy building.