[Mod] Exiled land improved



I would like to, I tried but in vain. If somebody can help me… :blush:


I play on console. PS4 to be exact. But I have to say I think what you are doing is great. I wish there was a way to implement this into the game for everyone. Funcom hire them to make the game great. Seems like what you are doing solves alot of problems. Keep up the great work.

Funcom implement this mod into the base game so everyone can enjoy it. Dont be like Wildcard and keep console players wishing the could have mods. Separate yourselves and your company and be something that is groundbreaking please.


I wish I could figure out a way to link the moderators to the post i just made. This needs to be seen by them.

Edit… I found a way to invite them to the topic.


New religion mechanics :
The lvl 60 religion weapons now have specific attributes.
In addition to the common ingredients, to craft a lvl 60 religion weapon you will need 250 manifestations of zeal and a relic item that you can find in the world.
You can fully repair those weapons only with a legendary weapon repair kit.

  • Ymir :
    Foeshatter is a 2h axe and works like 2h sword, but have +5% armor pen bonus, have a Frozen Aura that cool you down and heavy combo attacks are Unstoppable (cannot be blocked by shield).

  • Set :
    Snakebite light combo attacks now apply and refresh weak poison (duration : 5 sec, 5 damage by sec) that cannot stack but be combined with other poison type effects. Last light combo attack range was increased and apply two Set Poison ticks instead of weak poison. Set poison is the same poison as the Snake Arrow poison,

  • Derketo :
    Dual Lusttaker are dual sword that every attacks have a chance to apply corruption (works only on pvp). Whenever your enemies suffer corruption, you will hear the swords express their satisfaction …
    Light combo attack speed was slighty increased and the last light combo attack apply severe cripple. Finaly you have an evade move like fighting with daggers.

  • Yog :
    Tenderizer give you +3 STR bonus. The third heavy combo attack now apply a armor breaker debuff, and the next combo attack will ignore 100% of your target armor value. Furthermore, the range of the last heavy combo attack was increased.

  • Mitra :
    Staff of Epimetreus last heavy combo attack now knock down and inflict Divine Wrath. Divine Wrath is an additional percent base damage (5%). For example, on a 400 HP player, the Divine Wrath will inflict additional 20 damage. On a 5000 HP baby dragon, Divine Wrath will inflict additional 250 damage ! This is the best weapon to slay big guys and world boss.

Feat/recipes :

  • Added obsidian war-axe recipe

Emote/animation :

  • New player idle waiting animation while wearing 2h axe

Immersion fixes :

  • I replaced the useless and glitched giant snake boss by the Mummy of the Black Ring. So now you can kill her to complete the Jouney task and harvest her to find the relic item on the dead body. Mummy is wearing a Kingslayer polearm instead of Stygian khopesh and have more HP.
    You can find the Mummy on the Arena or in the Unnamed City.

  • A Witch Queen without any magic weapon sounds weird, she now fighting with dual witchfire sword that apply corruption. Beware she’s now more dangerous !

  • Jamila the pirate Queen wear pirate outfits instead of random Black hand fighter outfits.

  • Yakira now wear Derketo priestess outfits instead of Votarie outfits.

  • Taskmaster thrall on wheels of pain now play « cross arms animation » instead of kneel

  • Derketo priest on Derketo altars play « seduce » animation instead of kneel

  • Mitra priest on Mitra altars play « pray sitting » animation instead of kneel

  • Ymir priest on Ymir altars play « kneel » animation instead of By Set

  • Lemurian fighters lvl 4 now have lemurian warrior equipment.

  • More equipment variety for lvl 4 Black Hands archers/fighters

  • Desert Dogs entertainer lvl 4 dont wear coarse clothes anymore

Note : since the last Teslive update, the game crash when you click on Head Options or Face Details buttons on the character creation while playing on Testlive.


Wow, this is amazing work! Funcom needs to implement your thoughtful and creative work!


Awesome mod! But did we loose the female version of the Conan haircut?


Do you play on Testlive? Since the last Testlive update (with map coordinates and stuff) the new haircuts and colors dont works on it. And if you try to create a n ew char on Teslive with the mod on, the game crash when you try to change hairstyle and eyes colors.


No testlive; private modded server.
When I logged into one of my characters yesterday, the conan haircut on my female character had changed to the male ‘lion mane’ one


I didnt change any character options on my last update. But to be sure, I ran the game with only my mod on and create a char with the female Conan hairstyle. Works like intended.
You may have mods compatibility issue. I use the rowname 16 for this hairstyle. If you have other mod using the same row for another hairstyle, that can make conflict. Can you send me a private message with your mod list and the mod order please? I will try and see if I have same issue.


Man, I would scream at a baby for a version of this mod with just the hairstyles and voices and armors and emotes.

(Don’t get me wrong, the other stuff is cool too, but it all conflicts with my server mod like crazy. If I put it after mine then all of my feat and recipe tweaks are overwritten to the point that it may not be there at all, but if I put it before then mine blocks everything on this one but the hair, voices, and emotes. Including the new armors, which I don’t get at all since I checked the ID numbers and none of them match the few IDs my server adds to the tables.)


This is what happens when you use multiple mods. It’s hard to make a mod compatible with all the others without any conflict. And if I change the rownames to fix a conflict with a specific mod, it can create a new conflict with another. In addition, people who have already crafted items on my mod will have blank items instead if I change the IDs and will be upset cause they should have to recraft all.
The solution would be to make several separate mods with just one feature. For example, a mod with just the emotes, another with just the armors and so on. I think my mod is complete and stable enough to do that.


Oh my god you take a few weeks off the game and suddenly my fave mod is more awesome than ever. Quick question I was reading through the thread and just to make sure I understand correctly your mod is currently incompatible with testlive or only a few features. Also not trying to heap more on your plate but is there a way for you to alter the crafting menus in game so that they’re more manageable to get through something similar to the feats menu maybe?


The mod is full compatible with the actual live version. Since the last teslive update, the game crash on the character creation while clicking on “Head options” and “Face details” buttons. That’s the only thing incompatible with the Testlive. As long as we dont have an up to date Devkit version, I cant fix it.


Ok no problem then. What about the crafting menu is altering that at all possible?


What do you mean? Did I miss something about the crafting menu on Teslive?


No I meant, is there a way for you to mod the crafting menu so it isn’t such a poorly coordinated mess?


I think the menu is not so bad. I mean, we get used to it. But yeah more tabs would be nice I guess.


you can’t actually control how its arranged though, whether its inventory or at a station its always in alphabetic order and awkwardly grouped by type. I’m just looking for a way not to have to search and scroll every time I want to make something


I know about that, what had me confused was the way my mod was being overwritten on things that yours doesn’t even make any changes to.

I did some research though and I think the problem may be how I made the changes on my end. In my blind fumbling I’ve been making all my changes directly to the base tables themselves, so if your mod overwrites those completely then they’re bound to not get along. Which if so should be a fairly easy fix, my mod was mostly just recipe and feat tweaks anyway so I can just make a new version that hopefully won’t have that problem.


Even with this mod it took over 1000 dragonbone arrows using a dragonbone bow to kill a boss creature. I disagree with bows being overpowered. I have been using this mod for a while now and think it is cool. I just did come across this post and realized some of the “immersion” fixes that it does. I know I use a lot of mods and that could be the reason behind it but on my server there are none of those changes seen. For instance, Derketo priests are still kneeling and not doing seduce emote. There are other things I have noticed added that was not even mentioned that I appreciate a lot. Like the extra hops next door to where I like building my base in the jungle. This is a really good mod. We had a thespian from the Pippi mod standing off to the side doing the chicken dance and it took us forever to figure out where the chicken noises were coming from. It was hilarious. Adding the sfx to emotes that didn’t have any was a bonus. There are still a few emotes without any sfx yet though that I would love to see. It would be nice if there was more sfx for the player than there currently is. Might have to pick on funcom for an update like that though. idk how the engine and modding works for Conan Exiles. Don’t really plan on getting into it like I did with Skyrim. Thanks for a cool mod.