Mod File Duplication on Server


Please remove your modcached system, it doesn’t work, adds more for players computers to manage, download and process, will eventually cause issues alongside the mod mismatch loop that you -still- haven’t fixed for writing to ssds for players and is so broken with your recent patch that players and server owners are having to delete it to allow mods to update.


It’s literally a shame how mod creators and modded servers safe funcoms butt in terms of players and playercount and with every new update they get a big fat kick in their faces.


It is great some folks have nearly at once fixes ready. I am sure Funcom will fix also something, and i hope then no player-fixes for that fix needed again.
But i try first again Exiles (with mods) if i am able start in a normal way and it functions like before. Everything else feels more like doctor around with no knowledge how it really ends. But again, it is great fans find so fast solutions. Perhaps Funcom still asleep and they didnt recognized anything about that prob. The smallest fix in nearest past is the biggest mess.

The issue was also reported here:

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As one of the MANY people who would not be playing this game at all WITHOUT mods, it’d be nice if you could get your act together Funcom.


Was this new feature not tested at all to predetermine what a huge problem it would be?

Greetings Exiles,

We merged the threads about this issue to keep all the information in one place. Our team is looking into it and we will update this post once we have any news to share.

We appreciate your patience while we investigate this matter.

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I love how the new feature wasn’t even mentioned in any way in the patch news. Way to go!

Anyways, deleting everything that the new feature does, seems to be a viable workaround. It’s a lot of fun in combination with the modmanager loop of doom.


No kidding

Same here, its a completly mess.

Not sure what purpose this mod cache is supposed to fill. Clearly not to fix the mod mismatch loop that has been going on for 2 months (it baffles me how such a problem can remain as is, for so long). It takes more space. And from the description, it seems to be here to fix an issue that was nowhere near urgent. :x

It would be really lovely if we could get completely rid of this trainwreck, at least until the more pressing problems are solved (such as mod mismatch loop and such). If only to not add even more mess to deal with, for the admins of modded servers :confused:


what got me concern is that when i went into mod cache … All it did was just generate a copy pak into there … im like wait what … so this is more data being needed and more stress on your hard-drive. And people just sometime have a data cap on how much they cna redownload … So i am quite confuse here. I think funcom really need to talk to us clients and server owners and tell what they were attempting to make ?

Conan Exiles is not Early Access it should be in a state in which it’s getting better in its technical state.
This did work just fine before 3.0, fix it already!

As one of the MANY people who would not be playing this game at all WITHOUT mods, it’d be nice if you could get your act together Funcom.

The Loop-Problem also occurs on the modded Server “HOT-Neverland”.
We had to delete the content of the ModsCached folder to enable players to play again. It´s embarrassing!

Is it too much asked for to also fix something which doesnt directly give you money? Especially something which scares many players away from your flagship game?

Greetings Exiles,

Please read the following as we clarify the matter in the present thread:

Thank you in advance.

Wait, just so I understand for sure, does that mean mods aren’t playable at the moment? And until further notice?

Thank you for disabling this unnecessary and unwanted feature. Suddenly having 60 gigs of mods on my local computer instead of 30 was beyond unpleasant, and anyone playing on a low-end gaming computer probably ended up unable to use their computer for hours while it tried to copy files. I don’t know what you were thinking, but thank you for disabling it.

No, it means your server owner can delete the contents of the modcache file and restart their servers twice; locally, go in and delete YOUR modcache folder, and you will once more be able to connect to the modded servers.

Basically they realized they made a booboo, and they’ve turned off what they did yesterday that broke everyone’s modded servers.


there is zero need to have cached copies of files there wasnt an issue before 3.0 empty the cache folder and deny write permission to it job done

I can see what they were trying to do: to make mod patching less painful given the constant need many had to verify their files.

In reality though, it wasn’t thought through given the restrictions hosting providers place on many custom servers (due to economies of scale, etc. …that make hosting cheap)

Maybe when they get time they can make another pass and make the feature optional (opt-in) for those running their own servers and client systems with extra disk space - who might find benefit from leveraging caching at the cost of disk space.


If it were made opt-in on server AND client side, I could potentially give it another shot, down the road. I am one of those who doesn’t have an extra 30+ gigs of space for duplicate files, though, so when given the choice I would absolutely not use it. However, I also feel like something like this was such an extreme change, that big things like this ought to be polled and discussed with us, the clients, before it ever should have been implemented. Considering the problems with mod mismatch, at the moment, and the apparent lack of reasonable solutions, admin and hosts running modded servers seem like they are the sort of people from which the company could get answers to ‘What do our clients need, and in what priority?’

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