Mod File Duplication on Server

Oh so you used my fix. Good to know XD

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This is not working for our server, i dont know why.

We need a hotfix

This worked for one of us after a complete reinstall and manually deleting every leftover found. Now the one guy who had no problems with the latestet update can´t join anymore after deleting the ModCached from the server.

The fix for people that had problems, ruined it for the people who had no problem. Good job. And the instructions are kept very vague.

We do pay money for our server and can´t use them properly. Fix this asap pls.

Also why does one of us not have a modchached folder? The guy who had no problems and now can´t join after your “fix”?

The people that cannot join after ModCache removal, are probably just in your average workshop/modmissmatch manager f***ery with one or more outdated mod that’s not identified.

Sub/unsub, empty download cache, restart steam, restart the computer, verify files. All the standard procedures that we learned to love in the last two months …

At least, that got our people on the servers.

Hello Funcom, I hope you can get this fixed soon. As someone who regularly buys from the cashshop and battle pass. But would not be playing this game without the amazing modding comunity I would like to remind you that likley at least half of people who play this game do on moded servers. Most of these people would likley not be playing the game without mods. Myself included. Therefore I would suggust fixing these issues be top priority. If Somthing is effecting so many of your players it might be good to make it a focus. Especially since you said 3.0 would be okay on mods. I love the server I play on and what mods have made this game into. PLEASE fix this for us!

Greetings Exiles,

We just sent another message following up on the announcement to better assist you:

Thank you for your patience and support.

This is what every player has had to do since the sorcery patch. Its not a ‘new fix’

Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

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I bought my daugther this game as a birthday present, so we can play together. After last patch she is unable to connect to my game with mods. I tried everything what is suggested everything and nothing worked. The only way we can play together is absolutly without mods, that is terrible. I wonder when this will be solved. I´m really dissapointed.

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Are you running a local server?

I have not had to delete or do anything with subscriptions.

If you are on a dedicated server, there is a check box to make the server validate the install.
It will open a command window and validate the files, most of the time it will just run through the list and start the server, but if one of the mods takes longer to validate its due to an update to the mod.
Almost every time I have issues is because one of the mods from the workshop updated and steam pushed the update.

Once the server has validated the install and mod list I have to validate the game client in steam.

Its not that hard to setup a local server if you have a computer that can run it. Before you give up perhaps look into that to play with your daughter.

Good luck.

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