Mod for accompanying thralls picking-up resources

Dear All,

So far I have been playing nearly 400 hundred hours in Solo mode, thanks to all the mods that enhance the gameplay.

I am not a professional modder, but I was wondering whether it is rationally possible to make a mod so that any accompanying thrall start to pick-up environmental resources as soon as the player starts picking-up specific resources. For instance if the play start hitting a rock with a mattock, I would like to see the thrall to hit all rocks nearby (10 meters around) with the same tool and get the related resources in his own inventory in order to speed-up the process.

Thank you in advance for all your reply

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it is possible but the server hates us modder for that , you see there no targeting option for the foliage instances even if we could the code for harvesting is actually nested into the player.

you would have exclusively rewrite this to work for thrall. That alone is a huge task. So possible yes , but is it easy no … is it very difficult … yes … it involve AI retooling … and that can get crazy but hey your welcome to dive in and figure it out

Thank you for your reply.

That is what I kind of thought. Writing hundred of codes just for one single resource.

Then, would it be easier to imagine some trick like increasing the radius of action of the mattock “like 30 meters around” instead of just “1 meter” in such way that when you are surrounded by rocks and that you start harvesting, all rocks around are been harvested at the same time and the thralls all around you would just imitate the player movement with the mattock to give the illusion that they are breaking the rocks. Would that be easier to code or also too complicated ?

ehhh you would need to retool tools then to make it hit all of that and then distrubite where it goes … though i welcome you to come download the dev kit and see how its being handle behind the scenes and give a better opinon on which method is what works best in your head … there is no right or wrong answer to get to a end result … its alway about the balance between realism , and server capacity load

Ideally you want the less ammount of server work to do the same take emberlight mod for example

When they first started they use every tick on each progression to store the timing of harvesting … that took a huge hit on the server … now they do one tick math caluation base on last check to new check and then multiplied how much to give you in harvest … etc just an example of different way to tackle a problem but still can alway be improved upon as you discover more ways to deal with it .

Thank you. I intend to learn more about modding later as so far I am working on an audio mod for solo mode in order to have more immersion and it looks great. (character commenting/complaining about broken tools/armor/shield, hunger, etc).

Otherwise, would you be available and willing to provide me paid modding courses about the dev kit for anything non relating to audio content. I mean counting from March/Februrary ?

lol i wouldnt make you paid for such , but thanks … but really were all just noobs at the UE4 almost everyone i know were basically like you new people that wanted to try something … and we learn in the dev kit. There a more deciated resource discord for modding you can join i dont have it anymore as i sorta left the scene of modding but i dont mind answering question from time to time

You’re playing SP? Why not just turn up harvest rates? I imagine that’s a lot easier than creating a mod. Just a thought.

I must be mazo, but I feel like it would be like cheating and this probably explains why I have been playing nearly 400 hundred hours without progressing that much. Anyway, it just for immersion. I feel it is stupid to have up to 10 thralls following me, but who won t move a thumb when it is time to harvest. Com on you lazy boys, come here and help me

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I suggest daily beatings. It probably won’t help but it might alleviate the stress.

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