[Mod] Halloween: Remove Skeleton Key from Meteor (Now Hidden)



Hey all,

I don’t know what exactly is coming in the up coming hotfix as far as loot tables are concerned, but I thought I would at least do one small thing in removing the Skeleton Key from the loot tables for the Meteor. Obviously this mod is temporary and is only good for the Halloween Event. If Funcom incorporates this themselves, then I’ll just delete the mod, but since I don’t know what is coming in the hotfix, I decided to do the mod anyways.

The mod itself is relatively straight forward, I used a mod controller so that if/when Funcom changes the loot tables for the meteor, that the mod will still be compatible with those changes (with or without an updated dev kit). Other then the Skeleton Key being removed from the loot table for the Halloween Meteor, nothing else has changed. Everything else is vanilla percentages, and nothing else was added or removed.

Test wise, I only tested it on Single Player. I cracked open over 50 meteor’s using a star metal pick and came up dry for skeleton keys, so it appears to be working. If the mod isn’t working right, then, well, I’m a newb at loot tables so, uh, oops? Anyhoo, here is the link to the mod.

Linky to mod


Thank you. Now I can keep the current loot table?


Is there a typo in your statement? Not sure what you mean.

To reiterate though, all it does is remove the skeleton key from the Halloween Meteor. Nothing else has been altered.


Yes…It has been a very long day and it is not over yet.

I was meaning…since there is a mod now to remove the keys, can we not have the loot table adjusted.


Oh, you are asking Funcom. That’s up to them. Remember, my mod only helps people who want to mod, and who want the skeleton key removed. Funcom probably has other plans, they need to take everybody into consideration. Console players and people who play on official servers don’t have the benefit of mods, and there are other things to consider as far as balance goes for them.

Like I said though, I have no idea what their plans are as far as adjustments, Tascha just said they had loot table adjustments coming in a hotfix, but no other details have been provided yet.


I know. sighs heavily and sadly
This one time; however, I would like Funcom to not listen to the Officials, PvP, and RPGers, and give me some love. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is kind of you to take time to create a mod. Even though I do not use Mods, I seriously appreciate efforts.


Yeah, wow @Multigun. The dust had barely even settled on the Halloween update and before Funcom can respond (which they did most promptly), you’ve created something out of the goodness of your heart, just to be helpful.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who notices things like this…


Oh, this mod is now hidden because Funcom put the change in themselves (as you mentioned). I just thought I would help because I thought I could. I like to learn about this stuff too, so when it falls in my wheel house of knowledge, interest, and time I like to dive in and see what I can come up with. I’ve also been playing around, trying for the life of me, to learn how atmosphere works on the fly to figure out this blue hue stuff, but I’m a big time novice in that category so I haven’t had much luck. Still, fun to learn.


Yes Mister Modest, lol. If only everyone was as considerate however… then I suppose I wouldn’t notice such a thing.


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