Mod Load Order Help, Please and Thank You!

Looking for someone with some Mod Load Order expertise to look our Load Order over. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please and Thank You.

Dugeon Master Tools
Exiles Extreme
Thrall Wars
Warrior Mutator
Immersive Armors
Acessory wardrobe
Ra character customization
Barbarian barber
Beyond theatrics
Less building res.
Unlock plus

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Hi and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I haven’t used all of the same mods you are using, but what I can see looks ok as far as I’m aware - you’ve clearly paid attention to the info on Less Building Restrictions, which is one of the best sources I know for direct guidance.

One very minor thought - I’ve not actually used Accessory Wardrobe, but I do use Immersive Armors (which includes a version of Accessory Wardrobe within it) - so I don’t know if you need both versions or not. Can’t really imagine it would do any harm having both, though, so unlikely to matter either way.

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Awesome Thanks. I didn’t realize it was included with Immersive Armors, that should save me a Mod. Thanks a ton for the Help.

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Overall, I do not see any issues with your mod order. Does not mean there is not a mod conflict between the various mods since you have a bunch of character customization and fashion mods. That you may need to test on Single player first.


I would move AoC below IQoL. I think I remember there being some conflict there, but generally AoC and EEWA would be further down your list.

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Pippi and IQoL do not play well together.

I haven’t heard that issue. I have both mods.

This is false.

IQOL has direct functionality in regards to Pippi Thespians.

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