[MOD]Offline Raiding Protection Mod - Orphic Egg Studios

Hello friends!

Surviving in the brutal Conan world is a brutal challenge where only the worthy survive and thrive. But have you ever logged off and been attacked by puny low-levels and have nothing to counter them with as they mow through your archer thralls while you are at work or school?

Well fear no more. With the Offline Raiding Protection mod, you will be protected when you are offline. As long as you are in a clan (even if it’s a clan of one), all of your base(s) will be protected starting 15 minutes after you log off. This 15 minute timer is to prevent defenders cheesing attackers in a normal siege scenario by logging off to make their buildings immune.

To find the mod: Search for Offline Raiding Protection on the Steam workshop and click the Subscribe button.

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Here is a direct link to the mod!

alo,works in every srvs?or srv must have the mod ardly? tnx.