Mod or Cheat that tracks Enemy players?

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So I’m playing solo on an official PvP server. I got offline raided and pretty much wiped. It’s fine, it comes with the territory.

But, I waited FOUR DAYS to log back in, sneak back to what was left of my base (which was in the middle of no where in the jungle) and I’m there for not even 5 minutes and they appear and complete the wipe (with my hidden stash exposed) while I’m trying to do repairs. What the actual F?

This can’t be a coincidence and I can’t believe they were watching my little base for 4 days? Am I missing something?

Yeah hackers have esp, so very possible.

You find those players on almost every official pvp server … and it’s almost impossible to proof .

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Well I had speedhackers the other day raiding me I snuck out around the backdoor they speedhacked straight up my anti climb and B lined for me, I was just doing it to test if they had ESP as I hadn’t been spotted but made it look like I was “running from the base”

But if they are speedhacking don’t exactly have to prove ESP lol.

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If it was me and I raided you. Then saw you in player list 4 days later. Id still remember where the your base was. Could decide and come check, if youre there. :smile:

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Well I guess it’s possible they were constantly checking the player list and happened to catch me for 10 minutes in the middle of the day.

Anyway, I hope they enjoy ruling over a server with no one else on it. And ppl wonder why PvP servers are empty.

A mod could do good about these issues.

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