Mod or way to reduce the amount of tiles required to start a purge?

Is there a mod that reduces the amount of tiles required to start a purge? My understanding is that it takes a building with at least 96 tiles for a purge to ever happen. I also know that purges no longer happen in a good size area along the noob river. I found a mod that lets purges happen anywhere but not one that reduces or eliminates the tile requirement. Anyone know of one or what to mod to do it?

I could be wrong, but can’t you just change the settings to increase the purge meter and even the severity of the purge itself?

Yes thank you. I have but that still does not reduce the amount of block size you base has to be to actually have a purge attack you. If your base is less that 96 blocks, then even if your purge meter is maxed, you will never be attacked.

Oh ok. I haven’t messed with the settings for the purge myself so I wasn’t sure if it would reduce the block number or not.

It’s not just block number, everything you do adds to the purge meter.
mining stone, chopping wood, killing npc’s all add to the purge meter.

You can also use the console commands.

Command Description
StartPlayerPurge Starts a purge
EndPurge Ends a purge
StartNextPurgePhase Force the next purge to begin
StartNextWave Jumpstarts the next wave in a purge
FillPlayerPurgeMeter Fill a player’s purge meter
FillPlayerClanPurgeMeter Fill a player’s clan’s purge meter
EmptyPlayerClanPurgeMeter Empty a player’s clan’s Purge meter
FillClanPergeMeter It is misspelled in the game and this can only be used in single-player
FillAllClanPurgeMeters Fill every clan’s purge meter in a server
EmptyAllClanPurgeMeters Empty every clan’s purge meter in a server

Yep. But if you have a full bar and even use the server commands to spawn the purge, it will not spawn if you do not have a building with at least 96 tiles. I have tested it and also watched a video on someone testing all the ways to spawn a purge etc and without that 96 block limit, a purge will not happen.

Why do u want a purge without a build, I don’t see an issue here.

This was last year, so I’ll need to run tests…
But I had a purge hit a 5x4 one story house with just a slant roof, roughly 68 pieces total.

Things must have changed.



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That would be great if it has. Let me know how your testing goes. When I tried, no purge happened and nothing was in the log when I initiated it via the commands until I made the building larger.

As far as why, I just want the size of the building not be the ultimate decider if a purge actually spawns or not. 96 pieces is a decent size building for newer players and I want it to be less.

Really appreciate everyone’s reply’s btw.

I can’t understand how you can fix a house a simple one without these pieces and most important play Conan exiles.
If your base isn’t at least 12x6 doublex you cannot fit the tier 3 working benches inside. Don’t you need a bedroom, a kitchen, a storage place to put the annoying noises of the game, like compost heap or beehive?
Then, placing your religion Altair, your stable, your little animal pen , where? To the ground? Where is the map room the wheel of pain and so it goes on. And my reference here is only on pve mode, on pvp mode the things are way harder because you cannot stop in fixing a foundation base for them, you need to cover them too and reinforce them. I can understand the small footprint, or minimal architecture in Conan exiles, which I happen to love a lot, but practically, for decay reasons, or storage reasons, any simple gaming reasons fixing a home with less building pieces is not a good invest in this game . When lvl 60 will arrive tier 3 is a mandatory for the economy of your gaming experience. Unless you want to pay for special recipes double and triple amounts of really expensive materials. Just an example, the oils demand 5 fragments in other benches but tier 3 precision you need only 2 fragments, 60% discount.
If however your goal is to create a private server with minimal foot prints, still I believe that some decoration with gardens and water well, etc… can bring the construction to these numbers in no time. It is not only the foundations that count, all the building pieces count as long they are attached.

I built a very small platform (round), just large enough to hold a map room, and a few extra pieces to get the max decay duration. Next purge guess where they went? Yes, my tiny map room platform! I guess it could be cool to have a mod that lets you get purged at a smaller structure, but the requirements are already very small.

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