Mod = RA Character Customization

Help-- Love the look of this mod but I can’t seem to get it to work. I have tried placing it in various positions of my mod load order, I have tried using the Pippi Edit Character facility, I have tried the Neg(?) Orb thingy but I am not getting any changes in the ‘create/edit’ character listings except for the eyes. In the eyes I am getting something like 50 choices instead of of 20 but no illustrations.
I am a novice at this mod thingy (all mods) so can anyone suggest /advise or help please
Incidentally I tried the Discord but it is not working either

afaik RA discord is pretty much only place where you can get any kind of support for AtzerriGold mods
just mind that discord isn’t a hotline

Many thanks - regrettably the Discord channel has not been working for 24 hours and I cannot post a message on there - guess I will just have to wait and keep trying. Doesn’t say much for the author though :slight_smile:

It could be a mod conflict. If you post your mod list it could help narrow it down. RA likes to be at the bottom.

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