Mod recommendations?

Hey all!

After playing on Xbox for about a year, I’ve finally purchased exiles on pc (50% off for the summer steam sale!). My question is, besides pippi and fashionista, any good mods you’d recommend for a better game experience?

I only can speak for myself here.
ShutUp” saved my nerves
Compass Icon” saved me from my bad orientation sense
NoxUIChanges” enhanced even more my UI
NumericHUD” made it more MMO-like
WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain” for more immersion (someone asked for it in-game for consoles I hope devs will integrate this mod)
I play solo and so use “SP_Boss_HP

Hope this helps.

I like age of calamitous, and imersive Rp. Adds a lot to the game. If you do not have a server yet look us up on wyrm02

You can start by checking out the most popular mods over a 3 month time. As well as the most popular mods period. They are the first two categories you can select when viewing the workshop and they display the first 8 or so. Then just click on the appropriate link to view more. Find a mod that you like or sounds interesting? Check out the other mod authors stuff to.

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