Mod support for thrall profession

Currently, the thralls profession list is limited to an enum which is annoying if you’d like to add new thrall professions like eg. Farmer. Would be nice if you addded an enum entry called “UserCreated” that has some functionality to add more profession description to the ui in W_ThrallInfo. While I can extend the thrall types by creating my own added component with own enum, I’d just like to have the ui display the correct profession when viewed. I realize this might cause translation support problems for the added professions but that could be remedied to with enough love. You could add a datatable with user created professions so we can merge into that. Or just drop the enum all together and make a profession datatable we can merge.

I’m not a modder, but I think you still can create your own type of thrall.
Have a look at the mod “Stone Statues” (
If you have installed the mode, you have a chance for a thrall type “Sculptor”. It shares the spawn point with some blacksmith or carpenter (I’m not sure).

That’s what Dhosan is talking about. Yes, it’s “possible” to create a custom thrall type, but it’s restricted to an Enum. This is also an issue because it makes mods, like Stone Statues, incompatible with any other mod that also edits the Enum in order to add their own Thralls.

This isn’t the only issue where Enum’s are a problem. Converting it, among all the others, to a datatable requires coders to work on that. This would be ideal to do though. At any rate, it would be nice to at least have some “mod options” like we do with things like Mod Maps. I’ll make that suggestion to the appropriate peoples.

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thanks for you comments, and yes I know I can make an incompatible mod, but like you said I’d prefer if it was supported one way or another.

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