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Just a thought, but… is it not possible to code in that when the game starts, it looks at what/which game is being initialized and create, then load separate mod.txt files for each. The file size is but a speck of dust in size. Example - load game, choose single player. Options would be singleexiles.txt, singleisle.text, singleother1.text, singleother2.txt (savage wilds map for example). And for multiplayer - pvefredsgame.txt, pvesallysserver.txt, pvpkilleveryone.txt, pveckillsomeofthem.txt, etc.

This way, the game will automatically know which mods to load per server (or single player) without having to EVERY friggin’ time, see a change in mods according to the one single mod.txt file, and have to reboot the game every. single. time. yes? This would, imo, be cause for a new national holiday!

Just a thought

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Well, to be fair, I play on serveral servers, all modded. To keep sane and simple, I have a link to my modlist.txt file on my desktop, and then seperate txt files for each modded server. All I need to do is copy/paste the selected server modlist into the linked modlist.txt and start the game. I never even bother to look at the modlist or swap, restart, etc. It just works. :slight_smile:


Great idea! I’ll be using your method from now on =)

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Glad that helps :smiley:
I went that route after rage-killing my keyboard after getting the mod order out by one and having to try, try again #patienceisforfools


it is indeed possible by funcom coder. But the issue is. Its never ending … if they make a slot for top 5 most played someone is gonna want ten or twenty.

But really what they need to do is to have a drop down create modlist → pair it to IP address … and then allow us to create modlist … thus all it need to do is look at IP address … check and then use the modlist.txt that associate it …

It could be simple for people who knows C++ and can do it all within mod launcher im sure its a cheap coding and just have a data reading… :smiley:

Its worth pointing out that the launcher is still in “Beta” per the banner in the upper left. I suspect it is super low priority since it is not used during actual play. Grymm’s fix is tried and true.

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