Mod with shoulder pets?

I’m looking for a mod that adds shoulder pets, preferrably little dragons. I know ExilesExtreme adds exactly that, but I have some issues with some of it’s other content and I’m hoping for a smaller mod if possible.

Anyone know a mod for me?

@St.Michael as far as I know ExilesExtreme is the only one proposing that…you’ll have to ignore the rest of their content…and they’re very cute

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Their shoulder pets are very cute. I really do like them. The other content is an issue, but so is the mod size. I already have several mods for my SP game, mostly very small, so adding any more is a concern. I don’t like it when things don’t render in correctly, and I’ve noticed that when using larger mods like EE, AoC, Savage Steel, etc.

@St.Michael are you playing on a server or solo ? I have run solo games with more than 30 mods including AoC Pippi and EEWA without any lag or render problem.

Solo. I don’t know much about computers, so I can’t tell yiou if mine is a potato, but I don’t think it is. My nephew helped me order it.

Device name DESKTOP-0OHRPV7
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i5-9400F CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz
Installed RAM 8.00 GB
Device ID 11C94A83-0896-4CBF-8774-1D177F117DFF
Product ID 00325-81337-72181-AAOEM
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display

Those are my specs if you know more about them than I do (which is pretty much a sure thing)

@St.Michael your processor is good it depends what your graphic card is

you can find info about your PC by right clicking the windows button (bottom left) then click RUN and type dxdiag and enter…

Sanyo LCD Display 1: Connected to Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660

Is that the right info? Sorry for my ignorance. Grew up without computers. lol

Yep. Your rig should run Conan Exiles just fine, but you’ll probably need to tune down your graphics settings - if you try to run the game on Ultra quality graphics, your computer will probably melt.

Also worth noting that the game should ideally be installed on an SSD hard drive, but the game eats up a lot of disk space so make sure your hard drive has plenty of space and has a lot of free space left even after installing the game and mods (for updating and stuff). Many stock computers come with a pretty small SSD drive where Windows is installed, and occasionally a bigger but slower HDD hard drive for mass storage. Bigger SSD drives can be costly, but if you intend to use your computer for gaming, well worth the investment in the long run.


@St.Michael sorry for the late answer but @Kapoteeni said it perfectly. No need to be ashamed of anything because we were all there at one point… didn’t grow up computers either :sweat_smile: and if you need anything just ask here

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The RAM may be a bit on the low side. 16 gigs of RAM is usually preferable for some games. Low RAM will cause the computer to use virtual memory (hard drive space) to fill the gap, which may be the cause in your case. I know my newest computer (i9 11900kf with Windows 11) is using almost 13 gigs of RAM when on the official server. Granted, with virus and other background programs running does eat some of that. I did not test it on my older computer (i7 6700k with Windows 10) Both of my computers have 32 gigs of RAM (not necessary for most, overkill really)

If you upgrade (assuming you have open slots) adding additional 8 gigs of RAM would be a good idea.

This game with mods definitely works best with a good SSD, that is for sure. Load times alone depend on it.

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Thankfully, my nephew did tell me about SSDs when I bought this, so I do have my games on one. I have no idea about slots for RAM, I’d have to have him check that next time he comes up for a holiday. Is there a way to add RAM with external device you just plug into a USB port?

RAM is all internal. Check your motherboard spec online to see how many memory slots are available on the board. If it has 4, its highly likely you have 2 slots filled with 4 GB RAM cards, which leaves 2 additional slots open.

Some motherboards only have 2 slots, but majority have 4.
If you only have 2 slots, then you would have to replace the current 2 unfortunately. Assuming its 2 slots filled. you might only have 1 filled, then you may only need 1.

Good thing is memory is fairly cheap.

A picture of a board with only 2 slots.

Memory slots always will look like that in configuration on the motherboard so they are easy to spot.

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I think it’s fine.
I really don’t think you’d notice much if any difference by adding on RAM to that computer, unless you replace all of it and use some identical modules in dual-channel mode, which just might not be worth the investment and poking around considering the rest of the hardware.
The CPU is mid-tier while the graphics card is fairly low-tier when it comes to gaming.

This does not mean it’s “bad”, it merely means that you have to adjust your expectations a bit and pretty much like Kapoteeni said not expect it to run on “ultra”. Conan uses between 2-4 GB of RAM and while the rest of your system needs some too, Windows prioritizes that based on active tasks and what’s actually needed, so it’s not going to take it away from the active game you’re playing unless that game really hasn’t touched those values for a long time. The best thing to do is simply close other stuff in the background like Google Chrome for example, since that can use up the same amount of memory as the game itself…

That being said, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to use the opportunity to learn a bit about computers, you might gain a tiny bit of performance from a RAM upgrade, mainly in the form of multitasking, having multiple programs open and switching faster between them.

As for mods, it’s not really their size that matters. Mods in this game use the exact same methods the developers use to introduce new content. So don’t think of it as some “jerry-rigged” injected content, but rather content added by legit means. Basically the developers made available the very tools they use to all the modders.
As such, a mod that adds a lot of things won’t necessarily impact your performance by much, unless you actually craft and place all of those things and “look at them”. So a crowded base with lots of NPCs, lots of torches and lighting sources will affect your performance way more than most mods, and mods adding new things like armor with lots and lots of detail can have similar effects, but only if you’re actually using those items and they’re in visual range. Bottom line a tiny 400 kilobyte UI mod that has interface elements always displayed and has custom healthbars etc can have a much more significant performance impact than a 400 megabyte mod that adds items and content, especially if you don’t really use those.


@St.Michael I wouldn’t bother myself unless you really want great graphics and a very smooth gameplay. In that case I would rather buy a better PC than trying to upgrade parts of one that never will reach your expectations. I play on max resolution on my computer and tried it at work on an hold one (not as good as yours) with low resolution and the visual is better than I would have thought.

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