Modded Co-Op breast physics and host disappear bug

Hey Exiles,

I recently started playing modded co-op with my wife and noticed that her character’s breast physics were going crazy (stretching and warping all over the screen) and it is only on the host screen. Everything in her game is working fine, but the physics are jacked on my screen (host) and only on her character; it doesn’t apply to thralls or NPCs. The only mods we run that would possibly affect this is IqoL and wonder body; any ideas?

Also, I was disappearing on my wife’s screen but I could still see her and figured out this was a bug with Shani’s stuff, but only on co-op and not on independent servers, so we uninstalled the mod and she could see me again. Just thought I would throw that out there for anyone with a similar issue. Feel free to post any solutions you have for that as well, as I have no idea what’s causing it.

Thanks for the help!

At one point I had a breast bug where the breasts would stay ground level anchored while mounting a horse… was hilarious. Looked painful.

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