Modded PVP Server: Haws Land


Server Notes:

  • Unique mod loadout to reduce loading time!
  • Public Tavern
  • Public Merchants
  • Public Arena
  • Public Map-Rooms
  • Fun base of players!
  • Faster Thrall/Animal crafting time
  • 1.5x xp 'cept idle xp!
  • 1.62x harvest rate!
  • An extensive kit menu to allow players to buy things with in-game currency!
  • Map: Exiled Lands

Mod Order:

  • Pippi (I’m an admin, gotta have it)

  • Emberlight (Makes the home pretty/uesful)

  • WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain (Immersion)

  • EEWA (Extra features IF I ever get bored of vanilla)

  • Thrall War Dungeon Mod (Dungeons)

  • Fashionist

  • DungeonMasterTools (Admin tools)

  • Better Thralls (Mainly play solo, having a “party” with me is dope)

  • Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh (For me, a player who enjoys the grind to level)

  • Hosav’s Custom UI Mod – Revamped! (Immersion)

  • NoxUIchanges (immersion)

  • Emotes for Thralls

  • Less Building Restrictions (Immersion)

  • Unlock Plus (with Pickup+) (Admin tools mainly)

Please feel free to search Haws Land and/or direct connect with:

Discord for discussion and problem solving: