Modders and World Editors - Coding documentation/API?

Hi everyone,
So as far as I can tell there isn’t a general coding API/documentation, there are some specific guides how to do things uploaded in conanexiles’ gamepedia and some youtube clips, but I haven’t seen a modding community forum/discord and proper documentation wiki/website

Does anyone have any feedback about it? Or is all the documentation inside the modified engine itself?


See (linked as See Also from Useful links#General and indirectly from Guide and Useful links/Modding)

You’re welcome!

Know that anyone is able to contribute to the wiki and you may find us on the fan-made discord if you need any help contributing. If you have any questions/suggestions/feedback let me/us know :wink:

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Yes that’s the gamepedia I was talking about. I assume that there is no access to edit things like what happens after death? Say if I want to make my server permadeath. I read that there is no access to the C++ hence stuff like that are uneditable. Correct?

It’s a basic unreal engine 4 modding api, just learn some UE4, as far as I know you can only use unreal engine 4 blueprints, no c++ until denuvo is lifted. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Has nothing to do with denuvo. Denuvo is the ultimate boogy man I swear lol.

No access to C++. However, almost all source files that are in blueprint, 3D models, datatables, etc etc, are all available for editing and use within the devkit.

Here is the link to the Modding Discord. RobTheSwede keeps an updated collection of guides, located in tips-tricks-and-tutorials (check the pins, and look for All Guides).

Aside from that, I suggest watching the various (old but still good) modding tutorials on youtube (I think there are like 3 or 4).

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@Multigun The section I linked includes links to all the discords.


  • the Guide page include all the guides from AllGuides (just saying, as Larpushka may not know this)
  • Modding/Useful links includes all the pinned resources from the discord.

If either of you are having any issues browsing the wiki you may let me know.

Whoops, forgot you included the AllGuides on the wiki site. Thanks :smiley:

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It is, especially for a gnu/linux user like me that bought windows just to play conan exiles :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, the game is already cracked so why do we need an integrated software/code to constrict/control the potentiality of the game since there’s already the valve drm if I’m not mistaken, please beware I’m not bashing, just pushing for a discussion, if you can convince me that it’s not a great deal, on my side for example I could say denuvo lock me out of steamplay/steamos testing, wich is not supported by funcom of course but I might want to play single player without rebooting into windows.

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