Modders are saving Funcom years of work, but for some reason Funcom ignores that

Uh, ya, I know. I’ve only been exclusively a mod author for almost 2 years.

Here’s a part you forgot to mention in your post. Members of the Funcom dev team have for years now helped us mod authors create our mods. Not just with the tools either. It’s what got me hooked into making mods for Conan in the first place. They encourage us to explore that creativity you mention.

Goes against the very obvious narrative of this entire thread, but Funcom is more than aware of the contributions us mod authors give to the game.


You seem to be missing the point…They have supplies a dev kit. If AoC was the next “team fortress” then it would have already happened. But it hasn’t telling me that it is still only a niche mod.

The real question, is why haven’t any modders been able to make the next big thing? Because most are still piggy backing on Funcoms Devs and not really creating a new genre/game style for the sand box that has gained enough to break off into something a company will put money into. That is why. Not saying the modders are making some truly amazing things with their “free” time. But it is not Funcoms job to tell everyone (insert mod name) is the next best thing. It will happen organically, or not.

I’ve already put in my thoughts on this matter.
But lets try an analogy?

How do you like your Coffee?
some like it black, some with just sugar or just cream
some will want cream and three sugars

Now think of the game as coffee.

You are asking why everyone shouldn’t drink their coffee like you do.
And why the coffee grower doesn’t just add sugar right into the ground coffee.

I’m sure AoC is a fine mod, I will never, ever, play it.
It’s just not my cup of tea.


Yes but, do you put milk in your tea… or nasty little bits of lemon? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, I’m like Picard “Tea Earl Grey Hot.”

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Black, strong, hot, real, and available 24/7

  • I like it black, I don’t want extra flavor dumped into it no sugar, no cream, no chocolate; don’t put tea flavoring in my coffee so that it tastes more like what tea-drinkers want
  • I like it strong, don’t water it down with ice cubes and tell me that’s what sells
  • I want real coffee, not decafe, no flowers or nuts or instant
  • I want it when I want it; all day, every day. No restrictions, no limits, no special instructions

I think coffee is a good analogy :slight_smile:


If you want to make a right analogy, say “i like when half of my coffee spills on the floor automaticly each time i take the cup, also i can only take the cup with right hand, because if i take it with left it will break, i have no idea how much coffee is there so i have to keep adding it until it will start pouring on the floor, and have to drink it all instantly or it will disappear, and i don’t want anything of that to be changed because that are my preferences, and i am definitly not a fanboy without actual arguments instead of dump analogies”.

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I’m sorry you’re having bad experiences with the game.

I’m not,

I do experience small things, the elevator doesn’t work correctly.

Sometimes I get disconnected, but that’s the internet not Funcom, I know this because I can also play for hours with no problem.

I sometimes float over ceiling tiles or foundations, I usually just re- log, or move away and it rights itself.

It’s true the AI could use some work, but none of those things are game breaking for me.

I can’t relate to your analogy because I don’t have my coffee spill very often, and I don’t blame the coffee grower if it does.


Aren’t you literally doing this exactly, but in favor of mods instead of against?

I like mods and I use mods but if you are so happy with the mods, why do you want them so badly in the base game that you have to resort to insults to prove your point.

You can just continue enjoying the mods on the private servers you are playing like the rest of us and let the vanilla lovers be.

I could see reasoning in your opening post but with this last one, you kinda lost it …


Because i want to play like that on official servers. Private ones getting constantly wiped, and i hate wipes. I hate spending tons of times on repetitve tasks that aren’t fun, and having to do it again and again before i could enjoy pvp. If there were a good modded server that never wipes, i would stick to it.

And i honestly don’t understand arguments of the people around here. They look like fanboyism. Just read them - some of them even admit, they say “yes, the chat is bad, but i don’t mind”. So why you mind about it becoming better? I could understand simply not caring about this improvment. Then they would just pass by this post and say nothing since even if it gets implemented in game - it won’t affect them at all, so there is no reason to comment. But they leave negative feedback, so, in this example - they don’t want improved chat to be in game. Why? Just out of spite, to not let players who love this feature of the game enjoy it?

If you want a stupid analogy, it would be like “i don’t like candies, so please stop making them in my country, and if you want candies - you can always go to some other country instead”. It does not make your live worse if someone else will eat that candy, you would not even notice that - but you still against it.

Not all. You probably had a bad experience with one and swore them all off after.

Take the time to actually read them then. Your arguments are as fanboyish as ours.

We do want it to be better. That’s why there’s suggestions, so that funcom can make these things better themselves, instead of paying some random guy for a cheap addon for it.

I’m sorry, but aren’t you the one here crusading against the vanilla game and calling it dead? Why not let players who love playing vanilla enjoy it?

I think the more accurate analogy for your argument so far has been “I don’t like this specific candy, I only enjoy the knockoff of it made by someone else. You’re wrong for enjoying it”

It doesn’t make your life worse if people enjoy the base game, so why not let them? Why make this thread in the first place if not as an attack on people who actually support the direction the game is going? All you’ve done is label them “fanboys” and insinuate the devs aren’t any good at what they do. Any disagreement you shut down as fanboyism without any actual response

I’m sorry you didn’t like the analogy.
I tried plain talk, but you didn’t seem to understand.
so lets try again.

I said I like mods, there are mods I wish were in the game, just like you.

I tried to explain why some of the mods on your list are not and never will be in the game.

Funcom doesn’t want them in the game, most QoL mods are just not what Funcom envisioned for the game.

Also some mod makers have been approached by Funcom
Snowhunter the mod author of Ruins_of_Acheron
Now works for Funcom, He designed the Wine Cellar

The mod author of Pippi JoshTech was offered a job with Funcom and he turned them down.

One of the Mod Authors Himself @Testerle Creator of Fashionist from your list:

Tried to tell you why mods can’t be and shouldn’t be integrated into the game directly, and how the Developers have more and better tools to create the same thing.

But you Ignored him, and berated him. You berated me, and I was on your side.
My only crime was to try and explain WHY some of the Mods will NEVER be in the game.

As @Jimbo said not all Private servers wipe, you just need to shop around.
As for the time wasting tasks you don’t want to do? Why are you even playing? Video games themselves are time sinks they are time wasters by design.

Good day Sir, I wish you well, and I hope you find a suitable server.

P.S. while it may seem as if I’m a “fanboy” it’s just because I like this game.
I’ve played games from many developers, I try not to criticize because I know a bit about how difficult it is to do their job.


I always ask my players about wiping my server. So far they do not want it, thus I do not do it. That’s it.

And how is it working so far? Keep suggesting into the void, if they are not capable of doing it - they will not do it.

If there is no difference for you between clicking a mouse on resourse node for 20h in a row or fighting real players, then i really wonder why you play this game.

Collecting reaources kind of defines survival games. If the priority is fighting others above all, there are many better games; thats not conan though. Resources are just a necessary part of the game and as much as I hate busting rocks, if I really hated it, I’d play another game

But what @droch-aon says is completely true; video games exist to kill time. I think a lot of people would benefit their soul by pondering on this before raging in forums.


I don’t gather for hours, I play Official PVP, I build small, gather for maybe 10 minutes each day.
if you are gathering for twenty hours…stop eat something, and go take a shower.
and get some rest.

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So they created a suggestion forum for nothing? That’s a bold and naive take, even for you. They do listen to suggestions when valid, they just don’t listen to people crying about how their glowy eye elf oc should be part of the core game

You spend your time pretending to be an imaginary elf girl, who are you to judge how people play the game?


The question of whether it would be possible to integrate mod elements into the base game has been asked. Some of the top mod authors have responded (very cool), and they have provided some interesting behind the scenes info and input that was very helpful. Pros and cons have been discussed.

@Testerle suggested that if we submit our suggestions for changes to the game in the Suggestions category, and I suggest that we follow that advice. Especially since, this conversation appears to be deteriorating. Disrespectful posts and personal attacks may be read, but the point is lost and never heard. Let’s move on.


Have you tried to make a mod for any Unreal Engine based games, you are quite limited to what you can and can’t do beyond breaking into the games code base - which would trigger some BattleEye problems downstream.

Issue with game devs using Unity3D / Unreal etc these days as while it gives them accelerated deployment / growth, it also limits your ability to take the engine and make it your own as well. Combat that against anti-cheating protocols its also a live trip wire of issues on where you can and can’t mutate the games code base.

Not to mention this game has barely any users - last count 3x months ago was around 39k in user base…so its kind of a situation of supply vs demand.

What was the point i missed… all i stated was don’t under value modders in general, they have a habit of sneaking up on you with suprises - if - they get ground swell.

Well if we start splitting hairs on what is or isn’t their job no doubt this response will get heavily edited out… suffice to say either promote the community or don’t… but it would help to grow the game beyond Official servers filled with cheaters… as it again ruins so much potential left undervalued.