Moderator closing and unlisting threads without a word of explanation?

Lol, what’s up with that?
What is even the point to discuss things in here if you don’t even get any sign of life from @Community and at the end the thread gets shut down without even a statement?


It is easy to see why the moderators close them. The threads in question that get closed are filled with toxicity.


Hey there,

There were two threads that were recently closed, one because of the high number of community flags it received, another one because it violated the community guidelines. The later received a reason for the closure of the thread by the mod that handled it.
The thread that was closed because of flags is now re-opened after review. Please, in general, don’t abuse the flag system. Its purpose is to flag potential breaches of our forum rules, not mild disagreement of other players’ comments.


Thanks @Ignasis.
I think there were a lot of flags flying around because of the parallel off-topic conversation about Norwegian culture…
In my personal opinion, both threads contained valuable information about the players pointd of view and possible concerns.
So my question remains… do any of you guys look at these threads and try to use the messages in them to improve your lines of communication or bug fixes/ development strategy?
Because from a forum user point of view, it really looks like we are all barking at a wall here (even bug reports get ignored nowadays)…

There was a lot of flags and I never made it to the bottom.

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I gotta disagree with you on that one Hlak - the side conversation got a total of about 4 flags - sure that increased the total, but given that most of the thread in question appears to be ‘my graph is bigger than your graph’, with a whole bunch of insults back and forth and very little actual argument going on from a lot of people, I’m not sure the thread really highlights much of anything at this point. Certainly there were some legitimate concerns being discussed back at the start, but it had already devolved to mostly insults before the conversation about Scandinavian culture even began.

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What I found to be the most insulting aspect in that discussion was how people presenting themselves as professionals took graphs and statistics and interpreted those numbers to support their own view. I don’t know which is more dangerous - statistics in the hands of the uneducated, or statistics in the hands of an educated person who intentionally interprets the numbers from a biased point of view.

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All these are off-topic conversations better suited for another discipline.
We’ll proceed to close this thread as the original reason/question has been resolved.

Please, when discussing any topics in our forums try to follow our community guidelines, and let’s try to be excellent to each other.

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