Moderator request please

I contact you to find out what the official server policies are.
I would like to know if a tribe can stop the resources of an opposing tribe by placing some foundations and then blocking the development and resource collection of that tribe.
I do not believe that there are no rules or measures on this, because if this means that the game is not monitored as it should be.
I ask to speak with a moderator because in the xbox official # 2118 server many rules are breaking and moderators should intervene.
Names of the characters created to give birth to flame
Constructions and resource blocks
Is it possible that there is no moderator in conan exile?
I await an official reply and if it is possible a provision I will be happy to indicate names, guild, position etc etc etc

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As mentioned many times, they do not police the official servers

There are no rules.
They do not moderate servers in any way, but they are looking into ways to prevent such griefing in the future.

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