Moderators or a bluff?

Game mode: [Online Pve-c]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [Us]

***does official servers now have moderators? Cause someone contacted me today and claimed to be working for the companies community manager and want me to take down some of the buildings I have. Thought we still could build where ever we wanted as long as we are able to put tiles down.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Someone messing with you.

I’d reply back, and just say “You know, you could just try asking like normal person 1st before pretending to be a mod”


Just as in real life there is always some one trying to pull a scam.

You should turn around about tell them you where just hired to be the server admin and they should respect your authoritah

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Hello @Jeltsin, welcome to the forums!

We don’t provide moderation services to the Official servers and the only way to get in touch with us is through these forums, as we don’t engage with players in-game.

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