Modlist remarks/commenting?

Does anyone know if there is any commenting/remarks formats for the Modlist.txt files? I actually had some remarks in mine, but then updated through the launcher and it cleaned them out and removed all line-spaces.

I don’t think so. If you put in a wrong entry in the modlist.txt, it clears that out too.

If you need to create comments for your mod list, just create a copy and rename it to something other then Modlist.txt so it’s not used.


I was afraid of that. Well, I can hope they maybe add something like *REM for commenting.

For what it’s worth -
I find Notepad++ (free software) pretty useful in these situations - it’s a basic text editor (with nice functionality) but the key point is it allows multiple tabs inside itself - and remembers them between sessions (and reboots etc). This way you can have your current modlist.txt in one ‘permanent’ tab and a duplicate with comments in a second ‘permanent’ tab - and whenever you open the program they’ll both be there for you. Not quite as convenient as being able to add comments directly in the file, but probably more convenient than just using standard microsoft notepad…


It’s more that it zaps them away when you move mods from the left side to the right side.

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