Mods are not the base game

You’re not being rude, but I don’t understand you. Honestly.

Up to this point, my assumption was that you were tired of people derailing your discussions by mentioning mods, which is why I tried to argue reasonably about it and suggest how to prevent that from happening. That latter point – how to prevent it from happening – is especially important, because sooner or later this particular topic is going to get buried and new people will come to the forums who haven’t read it and they’ll bring up mods again and you’re back to square one. That’s why I proposed making it clear in your future suggestion that you don’t want to talk about mods, and then flagging off-topic posts.

The fact that you reacted to my post like this made me question my assumptions about what you’re trying to say and why you’re saying it. So naturally, I tried to check my assumptions first, by looking at the list of topics you created. Now, I didn’t look at all of them, but I went through first 30 in the list.

To my surprise, I found that only 2 of your suggestion threads had any mention of mods at all:

To summarize, you have several suggestion threads, but only two of them have any mention of mods, and only one of those two was derailed.

At this point, I could either be uncharitable and assume that this whole discussion boils down to a temper tantrum about one thread, or I could continue to be reasonable and ask you to clarify what you’re talking about.

The things that you asserted are “clear” might be clear to you, but they’re not clear to me anymore. So again, what was so unreasonable about my reply to you and what did I get wrong?

Yes, we all get it. What some of us are pointing out is that you can’t expect people not to bring mods up unless you make that part of your suggestion when you post it. If the suggestion is already covered by a mod, people will bring that up, and it’s up to you to try to channel the discussion.

If I’m missing something important, please try to explain it.

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